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Become an Altar Server or Acolyte

Training classes are held in April/May and September/October. Watch the St. Timothy bulletin and listen for announcements at St. Timothy School and Notre Dame Academy Elementary School.

Sign-up to be an altar server at St. Timothy Church -- send us your contact information. See below for qualifications.



Frequently Asked Questions

What does an ALTAR SERVER do?

Helps set up the church for mass
Participates in the entrance procession
Helps the priest and deacon during mass
Helps at weddings, funerals, and other special masses

What are the QUALIFICATIONS to be an altar server?

Fourth grade to seventh grade (no eighth graders, please), reliable and willing to serve at mass, and willing to participate in the prayers and songs during mass. Your family does not need to be a member of the parish for you to be an altar server.

What does an ACOLYTE do?

Helps direct the altar servers during mass set-up, leads the entrance procession and provides leadership during mass.

What are the QUALIFICATIONS to be an ACOLYTE?

Sixth grade or seventh grade ANDtwo years of successful altar server experience. Your family does not need to be a member of the parish for you to be an acolyte.

Click here for a handout describing what acolytes and altar servers do.


Contact Deacon Tom Sabol:



Training Material:

Select this Training link for training material related to your role as an altar server or acolyte.

USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People

This charter outlines the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop's policy regarding the protection of children and young people. It is to be used to guide the conduct of everyone interacting with children and young people. Click on this link to obtain a copy of the charter.

Safeguard the Children:

All altar servers and acolytes in grades seven and higher are required to sign, annually, the Boundary Guidelines for Junior High or High School Youth Volunteering or Working with Children or Youth. The acknowledgement form is part of the attachment. By September 15 of each year, please sign and return the acknowldgement form to the Sacristy.


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